What should I expect?


My sessions typically last around an hour, but don't fret should we run a little over. My time is yours. If you have children, you should expect funny faces and horrible jokes to pull them out of their shell. I will be your mirror when you do not have one. Therefore, if there is a hair in your face, a curl out of place, or a cell phone showing, I will tell you. Expect to have fun and laugh a lot!


What should I wear?


Well, if you are a bride, a wedding dress typically works best! If it is not your special day, remember that simplicity is best. Wear something you are comfortable in, not too tight, too short, or uncomfortably revealing. Try to stay away from clothes with lots of patterns or designs as they distract from your natural beauty.
Think: Clean, comfortable, well-groomed.


How soon will I see my photos?


I try to provide a sneak-peek within two days of our session. At this time, I generally return portrait sessions within 10-14 business days and weddings within 4-6 weeks. This is subject to change as business changes; however, you will be advised when to expect your images at the time of booking.


What should I bring?


During our session planning I will ask you a variety of questions: What types of things does your family do together? Are there any special items you would like to incorporate into your photos? Do you have any pets that will be taking center stage? Consider these things ahead of time so I can plan our session accordingly. And no, I will never turn down a fur baby. Bring them! Also, if you have small children, please feed them within 2 hours of our session. Children are not typically happy when hungry.


What happens if I need to reschedule?


Things happen. It is part of life. If you need to reschedule, please let me know 48-hours in advance. Your non-refundable deposit will then be moved to your new date. Only one reschedule is allowed per client. In the event of extreme weather, exceptions will be made. It is imperative that you arrive on time and ready for your session in order for me to properly schedule other clients.